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يجب انشاء حساب للتسجيل في البطولات

General tournament Rules

 Games Will start at 8PM Saudi Time, all players must be in the lobby by 8:30 otherwise they will forefit the match.

 Every team should record their game and upload it to youtube. With no proof of game results you may forfeit the tournament

 All teams must have proof of the score and attach it through the PLAYHERA app. (capture screen)

 Must show in game scoreboard in the end of every game.

 teams should have a minimum of 5 players and maximum of 8 to be accepted into the tournament

 PSN ID should match the ID used in PLAYHERA app

 The team hosting the lobby is responsible for the game settings. If the setting are wrong and the game has started it may disqualify the hosting team

 10 minutes break time between the games are allowed, all games must start after the 10 minute break is over

 If a team is missing a player for any reason they must play as 4 or they will be disqualified

 Map restarts are allowed within the first 30 seconds of entering the game, as long as the time break times have not exceeded 10 minutes.

Process of playing games

How to find the team against you

 Once the tournament starts, players must go to:

  1. Tournament page
  1. Play offs

  2. Brackets

  3. Opponent

  4. Either DM them via PLAYHERA Chat or add their PSN ID/Game tag

  5. Press the “Ready” Button on the PLAYHERA home page app. (Important)

  6. Enter game lobby and invite them

  7. Report your results and provide evidence after the best of 3 is done (Videos or Screenshots)

Reporting results

How to report your results  Once you finish your match you need to take screen shots or video of the score and the players ID

 To upload your result you will

  1. At the end of your matches, you will have 1 hour to provide scores

  2. You will have the chance to provide links and screen shots.

  3. You must submit the correct scores of the matches. If you provide false game results, you may be banned from future PLAYHERA tournaments

 Uploading your proof of the results to PLAYHERA is the only way to confirm the game result Lobby host rules and maps

  • The first and second map will have the team on top of the bracket page host the lobby

  • The third and fourth maps, the host will change to the team on the bottom of the bracket page

  • The fifth and sixth maps, the host will change back to the first team

  • The final map will go back to the team on the bottom of the bracket page

  • The first map will be chosen by the team on the bottom

  • The second map will be chosen by the team ontop of the bracket page

  • Then choosing the maps will be taken in turns after every game.

  • If a player disconnects during the start of the map, before the map has loaded, then it is allowed for the map to be restarted (Only one time)

  • If the a player disconnects more than once, the map will continue without them

  • All players on both teams must have over half of the connection (ping) bar, if the they do not then another player must host the lobby

  • If more than 2 players on both teams disconnect, then it is upto the rest of the players if they want to restart the map

In game lobby settings

Manage party setting

  • Party privacy > Invites only

  • Player limit > match size Lobby Setting

  • Team assignment > open

  • Spectating > Disabled

  • Gesture Camera control > Disabled

  • 3rd Person Gesture > Disabled Gameplay

  • Reveal fog of war > Disabled

  • Time Limit : 2.5

  • Defuse Time : 5

  • Pre-Round Timer : 3 Seconds

  • Reveal fog of war: Disabled

  • Lobby Settings

  • CODcasting : Disabled

  • 3rd Person Spectating : Disabled

  • Specialist settings

  • Round to win > 4 Rounds

  • Best of 7 maps

Specialist Settings must all be 0 besides:









Disabled weapons:


Cluster Grenade

Reactor Core

Mesh Mine

Seeker Shock Mine

Razor wire

Tac Deploy

EMP Disruptor

Specialist Weaponry : Disabled

All Light machine guns

Auger DMR

All black market weapons

Rk 7 Grrison


All secondary shotguns

All Launchers

Attachment: High Caliber

Attachment: Rapid Fire

Attachment: Stock II

Gear: All Disabled besides Stim shot

Equipment : Concussion

Perks: Tracker

Wild card: Overkill and Primary operator mod

Score streaks disabled: Dart/RC-XD/Care Package